Onda Road Quartet (English)

Onda Road Quartet:

This formation is above all a great friendship between two Parisian jazz musicians; Adrian Chaillou and Jacques di Costanzo. This duet is the extension of Onda Road. Since the day they decided to experiment experiment music and life traveling, they have been almost all over Europe, Cuba, New York and México.. In 2008, they stopped in Mexico City where they created the Onda Road Quartet.

During the four years of its existence, the band has continued to be the living and evolving project that it has always been.

Onda Road, in its travels, discovers places, people and cultures, enriching its creativity from the human and musical meetings it makes on its way.

The two talented compositors Jacques and Adrian, always bring new musical material for the band to keep the project alive and fresh. A musical illustration of there adventures.

You can find a variety of their meetings in their most recent recording “Encuentros” which features the greatest jazz musicians of Mexico such as Aarón Cruz, Diego Maroto, Gabriel Puentes, Luri Molina, Pancho Lelo de larrea, Gerry Lopez and Nicolas Santella.

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